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Biocomicals is a fun and dynamic webcomic that brings the world of science and medicine to life. It's not just about the adventures of scientists, but it takes a playful look at everything from genes and mice to proteins and common lab equipment. Biocomicals has a variety of sections, including Bioinformatics, Biology, and even a Cartoon Idea section where drawings come to life from readers' suggestions. During the pandemic, a special COVID-19 section was added, featuring cartoons about life in these unique times. Each comic is the creative product of Dr. Alper Uzun, who adds color to the world of science with his words and illustrations. And the best part? A brand new comic could pop up at any moment, keeping things exciting and fresh!

You're welcome to use Biocomicals cartoons in your presentations for non-commercial use, such as academic lectures or seminars, at no cost. However, we kindly request that you acknowledge the source by citing the comics. The citation format can be found below.
Citation format: www.biocomicals.com, Alper Uzun, PhD.

Guidelines for Commercial Usage of Biocomicals' Content: For commercial usage of the comics, kindly initiate contact via email to discuss fees and additional details. Commissions and inquiries about specific comics and illustrations are warmly welcomed.
Contact info: biocomicals1 at gmail dot com
It is important to note that third parties without the approval of the cartoonist, comics can not be used for any commercial purposes.

About the cartoonist

Balancing the intriguing worlds of science and art, I am proud to contribute to both academia and the art world. My scientific journey takes place at Brown University, where I hold the position of Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, with a secondary appointment in Pediatrics. In addition, I am the Director of Cancer Bioinformatics at the Legorreta Cancer Center. My research efforts are focused on deciphering the genetics underpinning complex human diseases.
On the artistic front, I channel my creativity into Biocomicals and various other media, crafting engaging and insightful cartoons. My illustrations have achieved recognition, featured in the Northeastern University Newspaper and PLoS Blogs, and regularly highlighted in Nature Blogs.

 I had the pleasure of winning the PLoS Computational Biology 2011 T-shirt competition, with the design making its debut at ISMB/ECCB Vienna in July of the same year. My design aimed to underscore the transition of information from biological to computational sciences. DNA, the foundation of life, is composed of four nucleotides - adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. In computing, the smallest unit of data is a binary digit, or bit, represented by either 0 or 1. These dual aspects of computational biology, biological and computer sciences, are symbolized in the design by a line of bases and digits, reflecting this transformative relationship. The DNA motif at the heart of the illustration acts as the pivot of this transformation, funneling scientific information into the PLoS logo. This artistic concept creates a global network metaphor, representing the far-reaching impact and interconnectedness in the field of computational biology.

In the autumn of 2017, I had the enjoyable experience of being interviewed by Brown Medicine Magazine regarding Biocomicals. Discussing cartoons and science always sparks joy in me. During the interview, I touched upon the individuals and circumstances that fuel my creativity for the cartoons, future aspirations, and the influence of my son's imagination on my work. Interestingly, as my son grows, he has begun to contribute his delightful cartoon ideas, which I bring to life and share with our Biocomicals audience. You can read the piece from this link.

Back in 2011, I created a cartoon focused on "Junk" DNA, intending to challenge the notion that any segment of the genome could be deemed useless. It's misleading and incorrect to label aspects we don't fully understand as 'junk'. Six years later, this cartoon caught the attention of the Editor of Trends in Genetics. They expressed their interest in featuring this cartoon on the journal's cover, an offer that filled me with immense satisfaction. After all, it isn't every day that one's work is displayed on the cover of a prestigious journal in their field. Consequently, the cartoon I made years ago found itself in the spotlight as the cover piece for the November 2017 issue. You can reach the issue from this link..

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