Latest LabLIFE Comic

Original publication date: 01/09/2018

Title: Hot tub
Keywords: Water bath, Thanks to Cheryl Felber for this comic strip idea


Title: Computational Biologist
Publication date:
01/05/2018 Keywords: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics

Title: Winter Storm
Publication date:
01/04/2018 Keywords: winter, snow storm

Title: Happy New Year 2018
Publication date:
12/27/2017 Keywords: NewYear, 2018

Title: The Green Thing
Publication date:
12/23/2017 Keywords: Hulk, Erlenmeyer

Title: New member in the lab
Publication date:
12/20/2017 Keywords: caffeine, lab member

Title: Outsourcing
Publication date:
12/12/2017 Keywords: sequence, microtubes