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Biocomicals is a webcomic about science and medicine. Stories at Biocomicals are from not only life of scientists but also they are about genes, mice, proteins even the tubes and lab instruments. We created several categories at Biocomicals. These are Bioinformatics, Biology, Cartoon Idea (in this section cartoons are based on readers' ideas), Genetics and Genomics, Lab Story, Miscellaneous, Reproduction, Science, Experiments, Publications and Grants, COVID-19 (especially during the pandemic, I started to draw cartoons about our lifes at COVID times and these are presented under this label). Comics are written and illustrated by Alper Uzun, PhD. Since Biocomicals is open for creativity, readers also can contribute with their cartoon ideas. If these contributions are illustrated then they are definitely cited at Biocomicals by their creator’s name. There is no specific date for comics to be published. Any time, any moment a new comic may show up.

It is free to use Biocomicals cartoons in your presentations for non-commercial purposes like in academic lectures or seminars but please cite the comics. Please see the citation format below.
Citation format: www.biocomicals.com, Alper Uzun, PhD.

If you would like to use the comics for commercial purposes please contact by email for fees and the details. I welcome commissions and inquires for specific comics and illustrations.
Contact info: biocomicals1 at gmail dot com
It is important to note that third parties without the approval of the cartoonist, comics can not be used for any commercial purposes.

About the cartoonist

I’m a scientist and cartoonist. I’m Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Research Scientist at Women & Infants Hospital. I work on the genetics of complex human diseases. “In my spare time“, I draw cartoons at Biocomicals and at other mediums. My comics were published in Northeastern University Newspaper, PLoS Blogs, featured regularly in Nature Blogs.

 I was the winner of PLoS Computational Biology 2011 T-shirt competition and the design was debuted at ISMB/ECCB Vienna 2011 in July. In this winner design, I wanted to emphasize the transformation of the information from biological to computational sciences. Adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine are the four nucleotides found in DNA. A binary digit (bit) is the smallest unit of data in computing. It is represented by 0 or 1. Since computational biology mainly compose of biological and computer sciences, this line of bases and digits reflects this transformation. The DNA motif in the center of the illustration represents the key transformation spot, and scientific information flows into the PLoS logo to create a global network in the field of computational biology.

 In the Fall of 2017, Brown Medicine Magazine interviewed me about Biocomicals. It is always fun for me to talk about cartoons and science. I talked about the people and the things that inspired me for my cartoons, my future plans and how my son's imagination triggers me for my new cartoons. By the way, as my son is growing up, he started to give me wonderful cartoon ideas and of course I am drawing and publishing at Biocomicals. You can read the piece from this link.

 In 2011, I drew a cartoon about "Junk" DNA where I wanted to emphasize that there is no such a thing like Junk in the genome. We can not call the things that we don't understand as Junk. It is wrong and it is misleading. Anyways, this cartoon was discovered after 6 years. The Editor of Trends in Genetics approached me and told me that they wanted to use this cartoon on the cover of the Journal. As you may imagine, I was more than happy to see my comic on the cover of one of the prestigious journals in the field. Yes, the cartoon that I made years ago became the cover of the 2017 November issue. You can reach the issue from this link..

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